Aquagen Infastructure Systems Inc.

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Aquagen Infrastructure Systems technology incorporates the natural benefits of algae based photosynthesis to enhance the operational process of wastewater treatment.  By utilizing algae we are able to consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the natural biological oxidation process and nutrients from the wastewater resulting in a process efficiency that surpasses any other treatment technology in the world today in cost of operations and nutrient removal capacity.  This is accomplished by the algae in response to the effect of light on their internal chloroplast structure. 

The algae do all the work, providing near total biological nutrient reduction and pure oxygen as process values that eliminate the need for expensive and energy intensive mechanical systems.  The Aquagen Infrastructure systems process begins by utilizing an up-front anaerobic digestion process which reduces the incoming wastewater BOD levels by over 75%.  This reduces the strength of the wastewater and therefore the cost of treating that wastewater by a comparable amount.  Then we replace mechanical aeration and nutrient removal systems with an algae biotech based process which reduces energy costs by a further 60% when compared to conventional treatment technology.  In combination these natural, non-mechanical process steps can reduce the energy footprint of our wastewater facility by upwards of 90% when compared to conventional technology.  When we add in the co-gen based energy produced by the bio-digesters converting the organics from the wastewater and the algae biomass into biogas, the Aquagen Infrastructure system becomes a net baseload renewable energy production facility.